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vivintVivint is one of the largest home alarm companies, servicing over 675,000 customers in the United States and Canada since 1999. They offer easy-to-use security and home automation technologies to simplify their customers’ lives, as well as cutting-edge wireless technology. In addition, their company offers energy management systems and is involved in the solar industry too, making them popular with environmentally conscious customers.

Top Features 

Home Automation: In addition to home alarm features, Vivint offers a wide range of home automation solutions, including lighting controls, automatic door locks, smart thermostat, and small appliance controls. All of these and more can be controlled remotely with their proprietary app on your mobile device.

Energy Management: Vivint’s energy management package allows you to adjust your thermostat to your schedule. When no one is home, the system changes its settings to save you money on your energy bill, and this adjustment translates into substantial savings over time. According to customer testimonials, the energy management package paid for itself by lowering utility bills as much as $50 every month.

Remote Access: Remote access is a popular innovation in the security industry right now, and Vivint is fulfilling the high demand for it. Remote Internet and smartphone access comes standard for all three of its home security packages, so users have the ability to check their surveillance cameras, door locks, security, lighting, and other features wherever they are.

Wireless Technology: Vivint uses wireless technology instead of the telephone lines that older systems rely on. Telephone lines can easily be cut, but it is more difficult to disable a wireless system. This company has made their alarm system “tamper proof” so even if an intruder tries to break the hardware and knock it off the wall, it will continue to work and still connect to their monitoring center.


The following services highlight what Vivint has to offer:

checkblue6 Home Automation
checkblue6 Energy Management
checkblue6 Remote Access
checkblue6 Wireless Technology
checkblue6 Medical Monitoring
checkblue6 Touch Screen Panel


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