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LifeShieldLifeShield Security, headquartered in Langhorne, PA, has created the first all-digital wireless home security system, available to homeowners and renters in all 50 states. Using more than 20 patented technologies, LifeShield offers a unique home security system with professional burglary, fire and medical monitoring. Interactive mobile access through free tablet and smart phone apps (as well as a secure website) gives LifeShield users the freedom to access and control their system from anywhere in the world.

Top Features

DIY or Professional Installation: LifeShield offers its customers the choice of having a trained professional set up and activate their system or doing it themselves. If you don’t have time to wait for a technician to arrive, LifeShield is simple to install yourself. Most customers who go the DIY route report that they complete the entire setup process within one hour with no tools required. If you prefer to have your system professionally installed, LifeShield’s customer service team can schedule an appointment with a local certified technician.

Multiple Layers of Backup: Typical hardwired systems have multiple vulnerabilities, and LifeShield was designed to remove these weaknesses through careful engineering and redundant design:

• Cut Wires: If a system relies solely on phone lines, cutting the line can disable the system. LifeShield uses cellular communication in addition to internet and phone, creating a system that can’t be disabled by cutting wires.

• Power Outage: Hard-wired systems that rely on electricity can’t work during a power outage. All LifeShield components, including sensors, keypads, and bases use long-lasting batteries to continue protecting your home, no matter what happens.

• Smashed Keypad: Burglars know that smashing the keypad can turn off the alarm and disable the system before the signal gets out. LifeShield systems are designed with a separate keypad and base, both containing 100dB alarms and communication units. If one is smashed, the other one can still get the signal out and deter burglars.

Patented Fire Protection: LifeShield’s Fire Safety Sensor gives you monitored fire protection using your existing battery-operated smoke detectors. Simply place a Fire Safety Sensor next to your existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. If the alarm goes off, the sensor will “hear” it and send a signal to the central monitoring station. Now you can get comprehensive fire protection without the cost or hassle.

Exclusive App: LifeShield’s exclusive app, called LifeView, allows you to manage all of your account settings in one place, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can create text or email alerts, maintenance reminders, weather alerts, and crime notifications. Another valuable tool in the app: data analytics of your safety habits that gives you a score and recommendations on how to be safer.


The following services highlight what LifeShield has to offer:

checkblue6 DIY or Professional Installation
checkblue6 Multiple Layers of Backup
checkblue6 Patented Fire Protection
checkblue6 Exclusive App
checkblue6 Remote Web and Mobile Access
checkblue6 Local Crime Data and Alerts
checkblue6 Broadband or Cellular Connection Options


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